Setting up, building, and launching a website is a stressful task. Many businesses start with less than an ideal website. But every business reaches a point where they need a professional-looking website for an impressive online appearance. A good website design is one of the major factors that help decide a business’s credibility. Thus, it is understandable why so many people look for professional help while designing their business websites. Unfortunately, getting a complete professional website is not as simple as it looks. That’s where the need for a good, skilled web designer or designing company arises. Designing a website on your own might sound interesting and a fun experience to you, but it is also a time-consuming and tricky task if you want to develop a complex site. Every business needs to work with a skilled designer to create marketing materials, and if it is not managed properly, it can consume more time and, in some cases, be unsuccessful. On the other hand, web designers help you take your ideas and turn them into a professional-looking website. They help in making ideal websites for individuals and businesses by completing their requirements within budget. Working with a designer for the first time might be daunting because you represent your entire brand identity and reputation to a stranger. But it is the smartest thing you can do for your business’s growth. You must know the right way to collaborate with a web designer for an effective result properly. Designing a website is a creative field, and so things work a little differently. So, to have a successful collaboration, you need skills to communicate well with a web designer to create the best work for your project. It is not easy as it sounds. It can be more challenging because different people with different minds require different methods of communication. So, to make your task easier, we will be mentioning a few tips for working with a website graphic designer. You have to pay attention to all the tips, and we assure you that you will get the best possible result for your time, energy, and money.

Why does a business need to collaborate with creative web designers?

Designers have years of training and experience in the creative process. They get their professional training to improve their skills and techniques to master what they are doing. Designers spend their time focusing on their technical and creative abilities to put the ideas into practice. However, just like any other working professional, web designers also need inputs and feedbacks for designing the exact final result as per the client’s requirement. A good designer always works with a vision to get a successful outcome. Thus, many businesses nowadays hire a professional designer or connect with a web designing agency with little input. Vcana Global is a leading website designing company. We help our clients in creating an incredible digital presence. Get in touch with our professional designing team to get a unique website for your business.

Effective tips for collaborating with a web designer

Collaboration is a two-way communication process that means working with somebody. For designing a great website, a designer works with you and produces something better. There are a few ways to encourage this two-way approach for becoming successful and building a healthy professional relationship between your business and the web designer. Let’s take a look at the tips now –

1. Prepare yourself by planning your project –

There are two types of clients – first who know what they want and second who are not clear with their requirements. Now guess which client will end up getting more satisfying results? The more you understand what your requirements are, the better your designer will give them to you. So, the first and the foremost step should be planning your project. It would be best if you put your ideas together as per your requirements and needs. It is the earliest stage of planning the basics of what your website will be. This might include –
  1. The number of pages you need on your site
  2. Features you want to add
  3. Whether you want your website to have e-commerce features or not
  4. Or any other extra service you might want on your website
It would be best to think about your creative needs, such as visuals, subject matter, style, color scheme, etc. Also, think about your target audience, whether you have any branding techniques to take your website forward, etc. Planning your project helps you and your web designer with a clear goal and makes it easier to grow the idea together. Designers are not magicians; they are problem solvers. The web designer’s job is to develop a creative design that looks brilliant and provides long-term benefits for your business. Give your designers a detailed outline of your project because this helps the designer define a fair schedule and pricing. Not planning things at first go pile up new tasks and will create chaos.

2. Learn about each other’s work roles –

One of the best ways to create a healthy work relationship is understanding and communicating each other’s roles. You must be aware of the ins and outs of what a designer exactly does. You don’t have to learn all the web designing skills, but you must get familiar with their language and terms. It is advisable to do enough research regarding the training and skills of a web designer. The best way to do this is to go through the process with them and explain their job responsibilities to you. Understanding the issues, they face during designing will make your communication better, which will help you achieve your targets more efficiently.

3. Find the chemistry –

Finding the right website designer for your project will mark your success in the industry. No one wants a clash of creative ideas or the regret of choice during or after the project is completed. Going for the cheapest option for web designing to save money will not help you in the long run. Do complete research, read up testimonials and look for the references of the past work experience for the designer, and see if the designing agency matches your requirements or not. Familiarizing yourself with the right web designing company before approaching them directly will make you feel comfortable and confident. You can’t just pick any random designer or company for your long-term website project; after all, your website represents your brand name. Give your website designing project in the hands of a web designer with whom you can trust and openly share feedback.

4. Make an official deal –

Make sure to sign a contract with your web designer. It makes sure that both parties are on the same page and prevents future misunderstandings or problems. Keep your contract specific and be clear on the deadlines, your expectations, and the business’s goal. It is to set an agreement with your designer. Here are a few things you should plan –
  1. Is it a one-time job for the designer, or will you be paying them off a monthly fee?
  2. Objectives of the project
  3. Budget calculation
  4. Timeline of the project
  5. Payment method
  6. Who is responsible for a certain task?
  7. Outline of the project which you will be getting in the end
  8. Ownership of content
  9. Cancellation agreement
Keep detailed and specific terms, and make sure to go through everything with your web designer to reduce unexpected or unpleasant surprises.

5. Brief your objectives and listen to their solution –

Graphic designing is referred to as ‘visual communication’. You take complex ideas or a group of ideas and explain them efficiently as possible to the designer. Then the designer communicates your ideas visually effectively. Always brief the company’s objectives and answer all the designer’s questions to clarify the things. Also, give them space for sharing their ideas and opinions regarding your project. Some web designers show enthusiasm and energy by asking you many relevant questions, and some might have a laid-back approach. Do you remember that we said collaborating with a designer is a two-way process? It is time you have to show it. Designers have ideas and designing skills, and they can give ideas for better outcomes depending upon the latest design trends. Moreover, asking for feedback will help save your time and money and ensure that your project is on the right track.

6. Include designers in the decision-making process for your website –

Don’t just delegate the work to the designers. Rather, involve your website designers in the decision-making process. If they think that any particular design is not relevant for your company’s website, then you should listen to them. Designers will actively participate in your project if you take their ideas and implement them in your decision, leading to better work results. 13 Effective tips for better collaboration with a Web Designer

7. Set realistic timeframes –

Discussing with the designer on the timeline for the project, including the first draft, the final proof, and the print-ready piece. It will help if you understand that designing is a time-consuming task requiring many thinking processes. If you constantly poke the designer regarding design updates, the project will take much longer. Remember that there is a lot of expert skill and knowledge that goes into professionally designing a website.

8. Use the right communication and collaboration tools –

There are several great tools for online communication and collaboration, so you should choose wisely. Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Suite, etc., offer some easy communication ways for messages. Project management boards like Trello help the team to observe the progress of the project. You can also go for video communication on Zoom or Skype. These video tools offer virtual meeting space and many other features for better collaboration. Using the right tool for the right kind of communication is a valuable skill when building your website. It will keep your entire team stay up-to-date that will lead to better functioning.

9. Don’t be too controlling –

You should not be too controlling the ideas of the designer. Let them show you their creative ideas and inputs. If the client is too particular and cribs about every idea, the designer loses interest in the project. In such situations, designers slowly exclude themselves from the creative process and eventually give up their artistic input. If this happens, you need to talk to your designer and clarify with visual examples of what you want, and then the project will get on track.

10. Don’t ask for multiple design options –

A common mistake that most companies make is insisting on the designers to produce multiple concepts at the beginning of any project. The problem with multiple concepts is that it will lead to a cluster of design. Multiple designs lead you to see elements from each design that you like. In most cases, this leads you to pick and choose elements from all the designs for your final design. However, a web designer will let you know that combining all the elements from different designs will not be attractive.

11. Do not expect perfection in the first draft –

The first draft is the starting point of your website. It is the first step on the path to achieving the final optimized website. So, you cannot expect the designer to give the perfect result at this stage. It is the point where your inputs and suggestions are crucial, and a good designer will always appreciate your constructive criticism.

12. Always motivate your website designer –

Like any other team member in your company, designers also need the motivation to reach out to their potential creativity. As designing is a long-drawn process of drafting, redrafting questioning, and more questions, you must offer advice and guidance to them. It helps web designers to feel more confident and innovative. Creativity comes from freedom, and it requires motivation. So, give them positive energies and constant encouragement for more productive outcomes.

13.   Say “Thank You!” –

Saying thank you to the person or the company who has done work for you is simple and important. Being the client, if you are polite to your web designer during and after the work, they do the best for your project. Web designers are hard workers, and they go above and beyond if they are doing work for someone kind and respectful.

In the end, we would like to say…

Next time you decide to hire a web designer or get in touch with a professional website designing company, you should keep these tips in mind. Implementing these simple suggestions will significantly help you in increasing the effectiveness of your website. Abiding all the collaboration tips with a web designer will also improve your working relationship with them. Whenever working with a design team, always remember to create a process that defines and facilitates your work.

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