Scientists are striving to create programmed machines from the early days of computing. Machines, which are intelligent enough to learn the things the way human learns and adopt them for future use without minimum chances of making mistakes. In other words, it’s called Artificial intelligence (AI). AI has entered our lives discreetly and that too without making much fuss. AI is no longer science fiction but it is almost everywhere. It has become an integral part of our lives. In fact, Artificial Intelligence has become a household name and even a household preference – Hey Google! 

Although, AI has become a part of our life, however, it still requires deep research on how it is changing the world for good or bad. This article will help you to take the sneak peek at how AI is changing the way we live and what impact it has already made on society.

Now coming over to our main question, how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world?

To understand how artificial intelligence is changing the world, you need to know the true essence behind it. To make it easy to understand, we have summed it as a set of algorithms and technological tools. These help us to provide recommendations, predictions, and decisions to mimic human intelligence that are based on various data. Artificial Intelligence has two major components, that is, Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). It is because of ML, machines distinguish between things and set them apart exactly the way the human brain does by learning from past experiences.

Machine Learning (ML)

ML help systems to learn on their own from data without any human intervention. Feed the machine with various data processing algorithms. This will automatically enhance AIs modeling to figure out how to improve, make predictions, and describe data.

Deep Learning (DL)

DL is a concept based on artificial neural networks. These networks help machines to learn from the data, specifically from unstructured data. Deep learning is critical in performing more advanced functions, such as computer vision, image, and speech recognition.

After knowing the basics of machine learning, let us move ahead to see how AI is changing the world.

Few examples of the presence of Artificial Intelligence in our day to day lives

Take out your phone and say “Ok Google”. After uttering these words, you will hear a women’s voice and this is artificial intelligence in the form of virtual assistants or chatbots. Nowadays, many big corporations offer their artificial assistants recognizing the demand of time. For example, Microsoft uses Cortana, Apple has Siri, and Amazon offers Alexa respectively.

Google Duplex was introduced by Sundar Pichai (Google’s CEO) in 2018 which is an upgraded version of Google Assistant. It is programmed in such a way that it can understand the context. The presentation on Google Duplex showed how AI is capable of making appointments for beauty parlor over the phone as a real human being. This all is possible because of the AI to perfectly imitate human speech and usage of words like “um,” “mm-hmm,” “oh,” understanding questions and respond in a human-like way. However, AI is not a one-time process but scientists constantly keep on upgrading the software to develop a more refined version.

To elaborate, Google came up with another announcement in 2019 that Google Duplex can purchase movie tickets for you on the web. In addition to this, there are multiple examples of artificial intelligence on your phones and smart TVs. If you are traveling abroad, and you have to read the signs on the road or even want to converse with foreign nationals you can use your smartphone to recognize the sign and even can translate the foreign language. A few more examples of AI includes but are not limited to YouTube recommendation engine, Netflix recommendation engine, Google Translator, Google Maps, Match finding in dating apps, and photo and video editing apps.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society and how it can benefit human beings?

The futuristic image of AI of flying driverless cars that you have in your mind is still far from reality. However, many companies and people believe that AI can be used significantly to make breakthroughs in drug discovery. Artificial intelligence can become a perfect solution for many R&D centres looking for brand new drugs which are highly expensive and their discovery is a time-consuming process. Drug discovery is not only the benefit the AI will provide. Besides this, AI will help in resolving other challenges that the human race is going through. For instance, with the help of AI, the discovery of new and sustainable materials can be speeded up and can be achieved in 5 years in comparison to today’s time of 15 to 20 years to discover new material.

Artificial Intelligence trends that will dominate our lives

AI is accessible to mass audiences and has already been implemented into our smart home devices such as air conditioners, home security systems, lighting control systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT represents a variety of devices that are connected to the Internet to share data with other devices.

When AI meets IoT, it is highly likely to dominate the trend as it influences our everyday lives. AI helps devices to learn from each other to make recommendations and decisions without human interference.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Whether we talk about automotive, healthcare, marketing, and advertisement, agriculture, healthcare, e-commerce, fraud detection, and many others, AI is going to be an integral part of every business domain.

Let’s talk about a few examples of AI’s application in business

  1. Artificial intelligence in the e-commerce industry – E-commerce industry is enjoying considerable benefits of AI. Most of the e-commerce websites use product recommendations engine. This helps to provide customers with suggested products based on their previous purchase history and activities. 
  2. Artificial Intelligence in advertising and marketing – If you still target people using the same marketing tools and techniques, don’t expect results in time to come. But, AI can be a real game-changer in altering the way marketing and ads campaigns are being run today. For instance, companies will be able to target the right consumers based on personalized pricing that a consumer can pay. It is one of the new ways of selling products and services in the future.
  3. Artificial Intelligence in Automobile Industry – One of the latest examples of AI being implemented are self-drive or driverless cars. Though fully automotive vehicles are not present, whereas, a lot of companies are working on the same concept. For example, nuTonomy is trying to create autonomous technology for entirely driverless automobiles. 
  4. Artificial Intelligence in companies – AI is a powerful tool for providing valuable information to businesses about customer behavior, their preferences, and the history of interactions with a company. In this era of a highly competitive environment, it is very challenging to retain existing customers without losing money. But machine learning can prevent such scenarios by predicting buying patterns in the future.

Artificial Intelligence and The Economy

Artificial Intelligence is going to have a considerable influence on the economy with both positive and negative outcomes. With the advent of artificial intelligence, it is not uncommon to hear questions about whether it will leave us unemployed. The answer to this is “it might”. To elaborate, AI is going to take over the manual routine work. Therefore, if you want to stay competitive grab some digital skills.

To conclude, Artificial intelligence is going to be the future of every industry. But we have to understand its limits too. AI will provide human-like interactions with software to offer decision support to specific tasks. Despite that, it cannot be the replacement of humans anytime soon.

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