How To Upload and Install WordPress Theme Manually – Stepwise Guide

Themes provide the fastest way to design a professional website. Sometimes, themes allow users to launch a beautiful site within minutes.


What are the themes?

A theme is a group of files, including graphics, style sheets, and code. They play a role in building an overall experience of your blog or website. Themes can control minute aspects of the website, like hyperlink colors as well as the vast details like the website’s layout.

These days WordPress has become the most popular website-building platform for business owners. Users can quickly and easily use WordPress themes to create a new website or redesign their existing website on the WordPress platform.

Therefore, overall WordPress themes are templates and stylesheets built by web designers and developers. The themes can be downloaded directly to your website. Moreover, they help to simplify the most difficult parts of website design, like coding. Consequently, you can solely focus on creating and publishing engaging content to attract visitors as well as customers.

Both WordPress (an open-source website builder) and third-party website-building platforms provide many free and premium themes for users to download. Thus, you only need to install and customize one of these themes to get a website with your choice’s look, feel, and functionality.

Here is an easy and complete step-by-step guide for installing a WordPress theme on your website.

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There are two different ways to install a WordPress Theme on your website. These include through the theme directory and using the upload method. These methods enable you to install a WordPress theme more straightforwardly.


How to Install a WordPress Theme?

Here is the first method:


Installing a WordPress Theme through the Theme Directory Method

Installing a WordPress theme can enhance the look and performance of your website. The theme directory on WordPress enables you to search for a free theme for your WordPress website and perform its installation.

1. Log in to your WordPress account.

The first step to perform is to log in to your WordPress account.

WordPress install theme


2. Select Appearance 

On the left side of the dashboard, there is a menu with multiple options. Among them, there is the Appearance option. When you take your cursor on Appearance, it will open the Themes option below.

WordPress install theme


3. Now click on Themes and it will open the Themes page.

WordPress install theme


4. On the Themes page, choose the Add New option that lies at the top of the page.

WordPress install theme


5. Clicking on the Add New button takes you to multiple options, including Popular, Latest, Block Themes, Favorites as well as the Feature Filter. Now, click on the Feature Filter option.

WordPress install theme


6. The Feature Filter option gives you multiple theme options under the subject, features, and layout headings. From them, you can choose your preferred theme. Here we can choose any of the subjects featured in the list (blog, e-commerce, education etc.)

After choosing the theme, click on Apply Filters option. 

WordPress install theme


7. After you click on Apply Filters option, various E-commerce themes will be displayed on the page from which you can choose one of your choices. Whichever theme you choose, an Install Option will be displayed at its bottom. Click on the install option; the theme will be installed in a few seconds. After installation, the install option will get replaced with Activate option. Now click on the Activate option. Clicking on the Activate option will activate your chosen theme, thus marking the completion of your theme installation procedure.  

WordPress Theme install


8. Now the “Hello World” message will be visible on your screen, which means your theme has been successfully installed. 

WordPress Theme install


Let’s now share with you the second method:-

Installing a WordPress Theme through the Upload Method

If you have found a custom or premium theme from a third party, you can easily upload it through the WordPress dashboard. This method consists of just a few steps:

1. Log in to the dashboard account of your WordPress website.

How To Upload and Install WordPress Theme


2. Go to the Appearance option

After logging in, move to the Appearance option that lies on the menu on the left side of the dashboard.

WordPress Theme install Upload


3. On taking your cursor on the Appearanceoption, it will open the Themesoption below. Clicking on the Themes option opens the Themes page.

WordPress Theme install Upload


4. On the Themes page, click on the Add New Option.

WordPress Theme install Upload


5. Clicking on the Add New Option takes you to the Upload Themes option.

WordPress Theme install Upload


6. Clicking on the Upload Themes option takes you to the Choose file option.

WordPress Theme install Upload


7. Clicking on the Choose File Option makes the Install Now option active. Now click on the Install Now option, which is highlighted in blue color. 

WordPress Theme install Upload


8. Clicking on the Install Now option takes you to the next page, where you need to activate your chosen theme contained in a .zip file.

WordPress Theme install Upload


9. This will activate your newly chosen theme. 

Your screen will display the message “New Theme Activated.” with “Visit Site” written next to it. Click on the Visit Site option, and you will be taken to the Latest News page, which means your chosen theme has been installed successfully. 

WordPress Theme install Upload

Build an Appealing Website With a New WordPress Theme


How to Install WordPress Theme – Video Tutorial
Alternatively, you can visit our video guide to gain knowledge about WordPress Theme installation.


An on-brand and cohesive theme plays a significant role in whether visitors will stay long enough to engage with your content as well as make a purchase on your website. Whether you have found a free theme in the WordPress directory or uploaded a custom or premium theme manually, these steps will help you set up your website to attract prospects and convert them.

We hope these steps shared by Vcana Global website development experts will make your WordPress theme installation on your website a breeze. If you face any difficulty in its installation and need help from our specialists, call us at +91 172-5026778 or +1 (302) 394-6830 or drop us an email at Our professionals will respond to your request in the fastest possible time.