Lead generation for businesses isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. What works for a pharma company may not work for a SaaS company. When you market, you have to go where your ideal clients or customers are. That’s why we’ve detailed a few lead generation strategies and tactics businesses using successfully.

Build an Incentive-Based Referral System

Word-Of-Mouth advertising is still as important as it’s ever been even if the ways in which people spread the word about their favorite businesses have changed with technology. If anything, customer referral programs have become even more useful among modern lead generation strategies, since they’re easier than ever to quantify and track. Create customized referral codes for individual clients and prospects—a new client gets a discount for their first purchase, and your loyal client will get a referral discount, too. This works particularly well for online retailers.

Create Re-Engagement / Retention Campaigns

Bringing dead leads back to life is as good as getting new ones. It takes less than 24 hours for most leads to turn cold. The re-engagement campaigns can actually do the magic for you by bringing back the clients on board again. This can be a key arrangement to retain your clients.

Build & Maintain A Modern Website

Gone are the days when only digitally-focused businesses, media companies, and tech organizations needed to impress with beautiful websites. You need a website that marries elegant, smart design with speed and efficiency. A website that gives visitors: Who, What, Where, and Why behind your company is your best asset. A good website is like your digital business card. And luckily, this doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. With today’s website builders, you don’t need to know a line of code to create a professional website.

Segment Your Content Strategy

Segmentation is a word you’ll hear a lot in relation to email marketing but it’s just as important for content marketing. If you are creating generic content for broad audiences, you are unlikely to address the individual interests that inspire buyers to take action, regardless of whether they’re reading a blog post, email, or product description.

Clear Landing Pages With Proper CTAs

It’s something that is of great importance. A landing page should have images, videos in top quality. Such good quality creatives give a Premium Quality look to landing pages. Less amount of text is just fine for landing pages and most of the things should be explained through creatives. The proper Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons are really essential on landing pages.