Social media is a way of penetrating your marketing niche and engaging your target audience. Using social media to its extent can drastically help you. Social networking platforms are no more a need but have become an essential element in booking your business success. But with multiple social platforms, it becomes tedious to handle all of them accurately. Here we enlist the top 5 social media tools to boost your business profile and make things easier for you-

Buffer Publish

The backdrop for social media platforms is media guidelines. Instagram leans towards square dimensions for photos, while Facebook uses the duvet layout for photos, and Twitter, well, that is a different story.

Buffer Social Media Management Software
Buffer Social Media Management Software

The troubles arise when posting. You would want your post to remain relevant throughout the day. Yet, it may vanish within the sea of opinions in only a couple of moments. Your Instagram posts may stay relevant, but you will not be ready to hang on for long either.

Buffer allows you to simultaneously post on up to 5 social media platforms while also allowing you to schedule posts employing a queue. The Unsplash tab on the media hub offers a plethora of royalty-free images with just a couple of clicks. It can customize for the same post but for different platforms is awesome. Moreover, when you preview your posts, it even warns you of the platform limitations if you were about to cross any.


Powerful Lead Generation Software

Powerful Lead Generation Software

OptinMonster may be a powerful lead generation tool that allows you to engage visitors at precisely the right moment. It is a template for building visually stunning lightboxes, popups, and landing pages. Everything from growing your list to recovering abandoned carts is often solved using OptinMonster’s set of tools. This tool can now be a part of your social media marketing campaign. You can even use the Chatbot feature to connect with many chats. To elaborate, you can automate and combine Facebook messenger with SMS. Once you have done that, you can share your best-performing options over Facebook Messenger.


AgoraPulse is the best managing solution for Twitter. AgoraPulse is one of the easy-to-use social media marketing.It is also an engagement tool for increasing your engagement on Twitter, Facebook, and a couple of other platforms. If you are picking the proper social media marketing tool for this job. Search for one which allows you to publish, monitor, and interact from one dashboard.

Social Media Image Maker

As each social platform has its preferred dimensions of uploading images, resizing them to satisfy the sizing guidelines for various social networks often becomes time-consuming. And here, Social Media Image Maker comes in handy. It is an easy-to-use image-sizing tool that works for many social networks, including Facebook, Google, Linked In, Pinterest, SlideShare, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube. - One Place For All Your Social

Hootsuite: social media and management dashboard

Hootsuite may seem like a project-level social media management tool, but it comes in handy to post and monitor your brand on several social media platforms. Over 10 million professionals use it worldwide. Only a website is not enough to promote a business widely and distribute content. Therefore, we need social media, and that is where Hootsuite comes into the picture. This social media tool is packed with features that will undoubtedly amaze you.

It does not matter whether you are just starting or you are a seasoned online marketer. Hootsuite social media tools ought to help you.

These social media will show an instant boost in your engagement and saves a lot of time. Henceforth, consider social media as your first step towards successful marketing.

For more information about the usage and implementation of these tools, get in touch with us. At Vcana Global, we have social media handlers who have unmatched expertise in handling these tools to boost your business profile.