Whether you are building a website or an app, both the outer layer of the design and placement of elements, play a crucial role in the user interface (UI). The UI design has the power to define a successful website and the one that has failed to make an impact. Building high-quality apps have a profound need for attention to small details of UI design.

Every app or website is different and is defined depending upon why it is being created. Consider a signboard that lacks proper placement will fail to make the desired impact. Likewise, a website does not fulfill its purpose without a lack of good thought to its design.

As a UI designer, you must know the common and not-so-common mistakes made on various website designs. It is essential to keep the common mistakes in mind while designing a website or app to fulfill a client’s requirements.

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Here are some mistakes to avoid while preparing a UI design –

Abrupt Inconsistency In UI Design

The first and the major mistake that a UI designer should take a look at is the inconsistent UI design of the website. Users will lose interest in your website if its design is not good or either clumsy. At the same time, a consistent web design helps establish the users’ trust and gives them a better experience. So, for a consistent UI design, the easiest way is to work according to a plan. First, create a list of the things you want to add (things such as different services or products, depending on the client’s requirements). Then divide those functions that have some similarity. Once done, then choose the most suitable UI design that flamboyantly defines all your actions and categories.

Avoid using too many different styles that can give mixed signals to your users. Try repeating patterns and elements which will establish trust with your visitors and provide a good user experience.

Poor Use Of Colors

Choosing the wrong colors for your website can kill the vibe of your website. Every color defines its meaning, and thus, you must consider your client’s brand preference and audience requirement. While you are creating a design for your website, also keep in mind people with disabilities. For people with color blindness, you can focus on better usability of high-contrast colors.

Using Too Many Words

Too much text can distract your user from the critical text or message you want to convey. If a reader is encountered with too much text, the user will probably not even attempt to read or leave the website after a valiant effort. No matter what makes the user brush off in the end, it is a lost cause.

So, keep your content more relevant, short, and enjoyable to read. Using more visuals with the text will create a better user interface.

Default Drop-show

If you overdo a drop-show, you will end up with a very busy-looking and noisy design. But if you have to use it, don’t use the default drop-show; it is meant to be adjusted. Secondly, make it subtle by avoiding the use of harsh-looking colors such as black. Try to make your design look more natural.


Responsive User Interface

Many newbies tend to forget the fact that nowadays, websites are not accessed through only one device. They forget that most users access the website through their smartphones now. So, a good website design gives the same user experience on all devices.

Improper Hierarchy

The adequately formatted text helps in facilitating the perception of the users regarding information. So, the hierarchy of the information being presented on the website is of high importance. Being a UI designer, you have to organize the content in the most digestible and comprehensive way.

The font size and weight should vary on the levels of dominance they have. Use the bold font diligently, only where it denotes something important. Use adequate kerning and spacing.

Poor Performance

Things that imply poor performance are slow loading time and glitches in the website. Suppose any part of the website with animation loads too slowly is terrible news for a website owner. Slow-loading websites do not interest the users. Always remember that the users prefer websites that work smoothly and experience real-life-like interaction when online.

Complicated Navigation

Navigation on a website should not be confusing. Users might find it irritating when they can’t navigate back and forth between pages easily to gather the correct information and might end up leaving the website. So, the UI design should be simple to get back to the website’s home page and other pages. The entire design of the website should always be in a flow to make it easy to use. The more clicks a user has to make before making a purchase or signing up will result in more lost sales.


Want to stand out in the digital marketing realm? Then a good functional website is a crucial ingredient. Your website is how your first interaction goes with a visitor. Thus, the UI designer should constantly focus on making the necessary changes to the website for a better user interface. A designer should also keep these mistakes in mind while designing a user-friendly website.

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