Today’s customers are picky. They want to get associated with only those businesses that can provide them with the best experience while exploring and purchasing products. To engage and retain such modern-day customers, your business needs to have a professional-looking and contemporary website. 


You need exceptional website-building skills and knowledge to create a custom website for your business’s marketing and brand development. If you lack this knowledge, you must approach a specialist website design company for your business website creation. Vcana Global is an expert Columbus web design company with deep knowledge and expertise in building a wide range of modern and creative business websites.


Let’s learn more about the website designing and development prowess and solutions of Vcana Global, a prestigious website design company.


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1. Extensive experience in building different kinds of websites

Our designers and developers hold vast experience in building various kinds of websites. These include a dynamic, static, brochure, e-commerce stores, complex web portals, B2B, and B2C websites. Our experts know the latest website designing and development technologies, techniques, tools, processes, and frameworks, including HTML, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript, PHP, Drupal, Joomla, etc. 


Our specialists also have extensive experience building various modern and inviting e-commerce stores. They are well versed in using the latest and popular e-commerce building platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.


2. Perfect blend of visual appeal and functionality

The websites built by our experts for diverse businesses are a fine combination of exceptional aesthetic appeal and great functionality. That’s why websites can attract and engage users and provide them with an elevated and satisfying experience. Resultantly, users get inspired to visit the websites time and again to explore the products/services and make a purchase. 


3. Mobile responsiveness

Nowadays, many people prefer to surf websites and purchase products on the move through their mobile phones. Your business can’t afford to ignore this massive segment of mobile users if it has to grow and remain profitable.


We accord a high priority to mobile phone and tablet users. That’s why the websites built by our team for the clients are 100% responsive as the core element of website designing and development process.

Our developers write clean and sophisticated mobile responsive code for your website. Due to the code, your website will open ideally on various mobile phones and other devices like laptops, desktops, and tablets.


On the one hand, the mobile responsive website will provide a perfect experience to your audience on their respective devices. On the other, it will help to save your development costs. It is because you need not build and maintain two separate websites, one for mobile phones and the other for desktops. 


4. SEO-optimized websites

The websites built by our professionals provide a superior experience to users and get ranked higher in the search engine result pages. Their higher ranking is because of our marketers’ technical SEO and content SEO skills. They perform various technical SEO tasks like using a secure sockets layer, creating an XML sitemapand adding a structured data markup to the website. Content SEO tasks include crafting meaningful and informational website content by tactfully including relevant and high-volume keywords in the content. 


5. Security

Security is an essential aspect of web design Columbus Ohio solutions that Vcana Global provides. Nowadays, hackers and other unscrupulous people are devising innovative and technologically advanced methods to fraudulently access customer information and business information on websites. Given this, maintaining website security and protecting customer and business data is of utmost importance. Our experts implement necessary and adequate security measures to keep your website and its data secure and protected from unauthorized access.


6. Structured website development

From the beginning of your website development project to its completion, our experts take an organized and structured approach to your website creation. During the requirement gathering phase, our specialists deeply analyze and assess your business’s specific website design needs. Accordingly, they make a strategy for the execution of your project. 


Based on your particular website requirements, our designers will create a design mock-up, wireframe, or prototype and share it with you for your approval. Once you approve it, our designers will create a design layout for your website. 


The content creation phase follows the website designing phase. Here our content marketers create content for various sections and web pages of your website. This content creation phase is followed by the website development phase, where our developers will write the code for adding functionality to your website. After completing website development, our QAs (quality analysts) will thoroughly test the website for any errors or inconsistencies in its functioning. If any glitches are found, they will fix them fast and effectively. Finally, your website is ready for deployment. We will procure a domain name and hosting service in consultation with you. 


A structured website development approach enables us to perform your website-building project tasks in a timely and efficient manner and deliver exceptional results to you. 


7. Technical support

Our responsibility does not end with handing over the website to you but goes beyond it. Technical support is an important element of our website design Columbus, Ohio, service. Our technical support services involve tracking your website’s functioning around the clock. It enables our team to find any errors or risks affecting your website’s working and fix them promptly and effectively. Hence, your website continues to function properly, securely, and uninterruptedly. Our technical support team will perform various other tasks like taking a backup of your data, recovering the data from accidents, performing software updates, etc. 


8. Client communication

Maintaining meaningful and transparent communication with our clients from time to time is an integral part of our website design Columbus services. It will help you know the actual status of your project and the amount of progress made in it. Therefore, you will be on the same page as our experts.


9. Award businesses various benefits

Websites built by our experts deliver businesses various benefits in promoting their brand development and marketing their business more effectively. Moreover, the websites help businesses build a powerful online identity of their business and a favorable reputation. Furthermore, the websites help to improve customer loyalty and customer retention thus generating increased sales and revenue. The websites thus play a crucial role in advancing our client’s business growth and success. 


10. Provide a wide range of digital marketing solutions

Besides website design and development solutions, we also provide a broad array of digital marketing solutions. These include search engine optimization, social media advertising, content marketing, and email marketing. Moreover, we provide reputation management, conversion optimization, affiliate marketing, and social media management. Besides this, we also provide lead generation, pay-per-click services, organic growth in followers’ count, and retargeting and remarketing. At Vcana Global, you will get all the digital marketing solutions in the same place. Therefore, you need not undergo the hassles of finding another company to fulfill your digital marketing needs.


We hope now you possess a sound knowledge of versatile website designing solutions offered by Vcana GlobalThis knowledge will help you easily choose us among various web design services in the Columbus area for your website development project. Your decision to choose us will significantly benefit your business in the long run, as a unique website built by our experts will help to generate more customers, sales, and revenue for you. 


Reach our experts today to explain your unique website creation needs to them. Accordingly, they will take the next step to turn your website vision into reality.