Having a website has become essential for businesses to grow in today’s highly competitive business world. A visually appealing, well-structured, professional website provides businesses various advantages. These include building a strong online identity and positive reputation for their business and its increased popularity among the public. Moreover, the website helps to widen their business’s reach among customers. Plus, it generates more leads, sales, and revenue for businesses. Furthermore, the website helps businesses gain an edge over their competitors, increase customer loyalty and generate repeat business. 


Website design and development is a specialized craft that requires exceptional skills and knowledge. Hence, you need to hire an expert Web Design Company in Panchkula like Vcana Global to build a custom website for your business. But why should you choose our company Vcana Global when there are numerous website design firms in Panchkula and around? Our company’s outstanding excellence and capability in building modern, customer-pulling, and business-driving websites for many businesses. 


Here are some exciting features of our website design services. Your knowledge about them will assure and convince you to choose us for your custom website development project.


  1. Expertise in building various types of websites

Our designers and developers are proficient in building a broad array of websites per businesses’ diverse needs. These include static websites, dynamic websites, e-Commerce stores, simple websites, complex web portals, small websites, and enterprise websites, among others.


Our specialists have built websites for businesses belonging to different industry verticals. These include music businesses, financial organizations, health, e-Commerce, IT, legal, and others.


Web Development Company Panchkula


Our experts have expertise in creating fresh, innovative, and creative websites that are equipped with the latest features and functions. They build the websites in accordance to the specific vision and needs of the businesses. The websites provide users useful information:

  • about the business’s year of foundation, name of its founders, how they conceived their business idea, years of experience, etc.
  • the specific industry their business belongs to
  • which are the products/services offered by the business
  • other aspects of the business like the events and activities organized by it, client testimonials, job opportunities available, discounts and deals, delivery and returns, etc.


Websites created by our specialists are a great blend of appealing looks and easy to use functionality. This helps to provide an engaging and satisfying experience to users. Resultantly, they get inspired to explore the website information and purchase the products offered by the business. Their experiences with the website drive them to visit the website again and again in the future, thus generating repeat business for the involved businesses.    


  1. Knowledgeable experts

Our designers and developers have a lot of experience and expertise in website development. Over the years, they have worked on a wide variety of website building projects and delivered them successfully. They keep learning about the latest website development trends, technologies, techniques, languages, tools, and frameworks. As a result, they can build modern and intuitive websites for businesses. 


They are specialists in building websites on various platforms like Shopify, .net, WordPress, PHP, Drupal, OpenCart, Joomla, Magenta, and Drupal. 


  1. Responsive websites

Mobile responsiveness is an essential feature of websites designed by us. We know that nowadays, most people use mobile phones for work, entertainment, and purchasing products. Your website must provide a perfect, glitch-free viewing experience and a fast-loading experience on mobile phones and other devices. Our developers will write the code accordingly to make your website responsive to the screens of different devices used by users.


You can rely on the proficiency of our Web Development Company in Panchkula to turn your business website responsive for various mobile phones and other devices. The perfect visual and fast-loading experience provided by your responsive website will help to improve your customers’ engagement. Moreover, this will enable you to earn their appreciation and loyalty. Furthermore, you will be able to effectively capture marketing and sales opportunities available in the online world.   


  1. SEO-friendly websites

Our experts ensure that the custom website they build for your business gets ranked higher on the search engine result pages. Moreover, it becomes highly visible to customers in the search engines, due to which they can easily find it. 


Your website’s higher ranking in the search engines makes customers believe in the credibility and trustworthiness of your business. Resultantly, they make a purchase at your business with confidence and without any hesitation.


For optimizing your website for the search engines, our experts perform both technical SEO and content SEO for it. As a result, the website gains a higher rank in the search engine result pages, and its visibility in the search engines improves. 


  1. Organized website development

We undertake a step-by-step and organized approach for custom website development. Our website building process consists of 6 steps. These are discovery, website structure, website design, website development, website launch and website maintenance. 


In the discovery phase, we gather information from the business owner or representative about various aspects of a business. This information includes the business’s vision, industry, target market, customers, competitors, and goals. The information gives our experts a better understanding of the business, which proves helpful while planning and executing the custom website design project. 


In the website structure phase, the website’s structure is planned per the market strategy the business wants to use for its promotion. Here, our experts also plan the website’s sitemap to understand what goes where.   


In the website design phase, our web designers finalize the website’s wireframe and look and feel. During this process, the designers understand and suggest colors, fonts, graphics, and effects for the visual aspect of the website. 


In the website development phase, our web developers consider the plans in the notes and turn them into codes that make the website functional. Our developers use project management systems for tracking the progress of the website development project. This enables them to complete and deliver the website on time.  


In the website launch phase, our testers perform internal testing on the website. If any errors are found during testing, our website designers work closely with our website developers to rectify the mistakes. Also, they check the website on various devices’ screens to ensure it provides the perfect viewing and functional experience. If any changes are required, the developers make them accordingly. Once the final website is free from errors, it is okayed for launch. 


In the website maintenance phase, our developers monitor the website continuously to check if any errors have arisen. If any are found, they are fixed fast by them. They are also responsible for updating the website’s technology. 


  1. Fast and efficient development

Our specialists know well that time is valuable for our client’s business. That’s why they use the latest and most valuable website development frameworks and tools at work. It enables them to work in an organized, efficient, and fast manner. Resultantly, they can complete their projects on time and deliver the websites timely to the clients. 


  1. Security

Experts of our Website Design Company in Panchkula implement the necessary measures to protect your confidential business and customer information on the website from hackers. These include performing security risk analysis and resolution, implementing SSL certificates, and granting users different rights for limiting their access to the website. Furthermore, they promote the use of passwords and educate business employees and team members about protecting information from viruses and other malicious softwares, etc. 


  1. Grant businesses various gains

Our creative and technologically-advanced websites provide businesses with various gains. These include building a strong online identity, a positive reputation for the companies, and effective business promotion. Moreover, the websites help to improve a business’s popularity and widen its reach among customers. Furthermore, they enable businesses to provide users with a better, engaging, interactive experience. They can also improve their customers’ trust in their business and enhance customer loyalty. In addition, they can generate more traffic, leads, conversions, sales, and revenue. Also, they can develop repeat business opportunities, improve their return on investment and achieve their organizational goals.  


Due to increased gains and results our websites provide, our clients remain happy and satisfied with us. Hence, they readily choose us for their future needs. Furthermore, they suggest our company’s name to other businesses needing website design and other digital marketing services. It, in turn, generates more business for us.   


Thus, with the growth of our client’s business, we grow too. 


  1. Wide range of digital marketing solutions

Besides website design and development, our company also provides various web-based marketing solutions. These include mobile app development, digital marketing, and SEO services. As you get all the services at the same place, you need not spend your time and energy finding another agency for these services.


 Now you have a good knowledge of key features of our website design and development services. Hence, choosing Vcana Global, the Website Design and Development Company, Panchkula, for your custom website creation project won’t be difficult. Get in touch with our experts at +91-172-5026778 to explain your unique website design requirements before they begin working on them.