You may be an owner of a business that is located in Zirakpur. You may be keen to switch your business to the online mode to capture lucrative business opportunities on the web. To do that, you need to have an appealing and professional-looking website in place. The website will help inform customers about your business, products/services, and other aspects. It will create a positive impression of your business in customers’ minds and inspire them to buy your products. The website will play an important role in making your business more successful and profitable.  


Creating such a website requires deep knowledge of the latest website development technologies, techniques, tools, and associated skills and expertise. So, this task should be better left to the specialists of a seasoned Web Design Company in Zirakpur like Vcana Global. Our professionals have worked on diverse website development projects over the years and delivered them successfully. For this reason, they are the right people to work on your custom website design project. 


Are you still unable to decide whether to choose or not to choose our website designing services for your project? Then look at the key features of our website designing and development solutions. Awareness about them will help you confidently decide to hire us. As your business’s future, growth, and profitability depend on this decision, take it only after carefully thinking and analyzing our website designing prowess.

Website Design Company Zirakpur


These are the remarkable features of our website designing services: –   


1. Extensive experience in the website designing field

Our present excellence in the website designing and development craft is the result of years of dedicated efforts by our team. It comprises expert and experienced website designers, developers, and IT professionals. Working on many business website development projects with different requirements for various industries, they honed their skills and built up their knowledge.


Our specialists have expertise in building simple and complex websites, static websites, dynamic websites, e-Commerce stores, web portals, and more. 


They are skilled in building websites for PHP, Shopify, WordPress, .net, OpenCart, Drupal, Magenta, and Joomla platforms. Moreover, they have good knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages.  


Our website design clients come from diverse industries, including legal, information technology, music, health, financial organizations, and e-Commerce. They are of different sizes and have varying website development needs. Our deep expertise in website designing enables us to fulfill their needs satisfactorily. 


2. Websites with the latest features and functions

To satisfy the taste and expectations of modern-day business audiences, our experts incorporate the newest and trending features and functions on the websites. 


Websites developed by our eminent Web Development Company in Zirakpur are modern, innovative, and interactive. Furthermore, they are a perfect blend of great looks and functionality. That’s why they can better engage the customers of our client businesses and provide them with the best experience. 


3. Promote brand building

The professional-looking website developed by our experts will help to build a positive and distinct brand image and identity for your business. The website will make the customers believe in the credibility and reputation of your business.  


4. Mobile responsiveness

More and more people are using their mobile devices to surf the internet and buy products and services. Accordingly, your website must provide a perfect viewing and functional experience on different mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This can only be achieved by making your website responsive to different devices.


Our developers will write sophisticated code to make your website responsive for various mobile phones and other devices.    


5. User-friendliness

User-friendliness is an important aspect of websites designed by our experts. They are built so visitors can easily find the required information with minimal clicks and minimum time. These websites have intuitive call-to-action buttons and other buttons. Hence, users do not have difficulty understanding what these are meant for. The smooth operability of the websites, coupled with their appealing looks, helps to provide the best experience to users. It motivates users to spend more time on them, make the purchase and return in the future. 


6. SEO-oriented websites

Websites built by our experts provide a superior experience to the businesses’ audience and get noticed by search engines. Our experts perform both technical SEO and content SEO on the websites. As a result, search engines rank the websites higher in their search engine result pages. Moreover, our specialists’ strategic SEO efforts play a role in making the websites highly visible in the search engines. Resultantly, customers are able to easily find the websites.


For optimizing the websites for the search engines, our specialists focus on both technical SEO and content SEO. Indexing, crawling, rendering, and website architecture are the important elements of technical SEO. For improving your website’s technical SEO, our professionals will deal with URL structure, site architecture, structured data, JavaScript, canonical tags, etc.   


Content SEO is about creating content that helps your website’s web pages to rank higher in the search engines. It includes everything related to writing and structuring the content on your business website.


Content SEO includes finding the most relevant and trending keywords per your business’s market and industry and creating content based on them. Our experts will create various kinds of informative and engaging content to optimize your website for SEO. These include creating meta titles and descriptions, blogs, business descriptions, press releases, etc. 


7. Methodical approach to website development

Our experts undertake an organized approach to website development. The whole website design and development process is divided into various steps, which include:


1. Information gathering


2. Planning


3. Design


4. Content writing and assembly.


5. Coding


6. Testing, review, and launch


7. Maintenance 


In the information gathering phase, we have a meeting with you (the business owner or representative) to gain more knowledge regarding your purpose of website building. Furthermore, we inquire from you about the main goals of your website and your business’s target audience. In addition, the information we gather from you covers your business’s industry, products, customers, competitors, and more. This information helps us to do further planning and strategy-making for your website development project. A detailed and well-described plan saves your business from spending extra resources on unexpected issues like changing the design or adding functionality not initially planned.  


The planning phase revolves around sitemap and wireframe creation. Here our developers create the data that lets you judge how the entire site will look. Based on the information gathered earlier, the developers create the sitemap of your website. The sitemap describes the relations between the main areas of the website. It helps you understand how usable the final product will be. The main reason for sitemap creation is to create a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website. The sitemap provides an understanding of what the inner structure of a website looks like. But it does not describe the user interface. 


A wireframe is a visual representation of the user interface our company will create for you. It does not contain any design elements, but it only describes the elements that will be added to the page and its location. With the help of the wireframe, you can make out that everything is fine and give us your approval for the next development phase. 


In the design phase, designers of our Website Design Company in Zirakpur will create the visual content of your website. IT includes photos, images, videos, etc., which constitute the website’s layout.


In the content writing and assembly phase, content creation, editing and management occur. It includes writing headlines, writing new text, and editing and compiling the existing text. 


Next comes the coding phase. Here our developers will write the code for adding functionality and interactivity to the graphics and other visual elements in your website’s layout. Moreover, they will install and configure content management systems, databases, and frameworks.


In the testing, review, and launch phase, comprehensive testing is performed on every website element. It includes checking the links, forms, scripts, spellings, and code. If any infirmities are found in them, our experts rectify them fast. Once the website is perfect, it is uploaded to a server using file transfer protocol software. After the website’s files are deployed, a final test is performed to ensure all the files have been installed correctly. Once it is confirmed that everything is fine, the website is launched.  


In the maintenance phase, our experts monitor and analyze the website for any errors and fix them fast. It ensures the website continues to run in an interrupted manner. During maintenance, they also update the software, text, and images. 


An organized approach coupled with using the latest and useful tools and frameworks enables our professionals to build websites efficiently and accurately. The websites they developed per our client’s requirements, expectations and needs. 


8. Security

Today hackers and other unscrupulous people are constantly devising innovative ways to steal business information. For this reason, our experts take all the necessary security measures to protect your confidential business and customer information on the website from unauthorized access. As a result, customers can use the website and make purchases without worrying about losing their personal and financial information. 


9. Deliver various businesses gains

Creative, visually appealing, and smoothly functional websites built by our experts deliver businesses various gains. These include building a unique and powerful online identity and a positive image of your business. The website’s professional look makes customers and others believe in the credibility and reputation of your business. Resultantly, they get motivated to respond to your business’s message and purchase your products. Generating traffic, leads, sales, and revenue and achieving your specific business goals are its other gains. Your business gaining an edge over competitors who lack a website is yet another benefit of the custom website built by our experts.  


Now you have a good knowledge of the highlighting features of Vcana Global, our elite Website Design and Development Company in Zirakpur. This knowledge will make it easy for you to choose us for your custom business website design project. To make our specialists begin working on your project, you need to call us at 91-172-5026778 and share your specific requirements with us. Our experts will do the rest to create and deliver you the website of your business dreams.