Most of us have already heard the term “Blog” before, but do you know what a Blog is? Coined as “Weblog” in 1997 and termed as “Blog”, it is an online web page that contains a variety of content that is required to be updated frequently. The content written on a blog is informal and is often written with the sole goal of engaging the readers for different purposes from community building to promoting a business.

Today blog has become an integral part of our lives. So much so that a lot of people do blogging very frequently. But why people like to blog? Below in this article, we will showcase 6 points that will answer this question for you.

 Reason #1:

 To share knowledge

It’s a universal fact that knowledge is the only treasure which increases with sharing, and blogging is one of the online platforms to achieve this. There are lots of people around the world who start their blog to share their ideas and wisdom with others as it helps them to gain more insights about the subject. Thus, further enhancing their knowledge base. However, for a blog to be successful, blogger requires to perform in-depth research about the subject to make it more interesting, engaging and knowledgeable for users. Moreover, when we share knowledge with others, we also earn new ideas and knowledge in return.

 Reason #2:

 For networking

Yes, it might seem unusual to hear, but people write blogs to meet new people and make connections. Blogging help people to spread their wings beyond geographical boundaries. Besides this, blogging allows you to communicate quickly and digitally. The more wonderful thing about blogging is that it connects you to people sharing the same thought process. It also allows you to share your thinking about specific issues you want others to hear. Furthermore, the comment section of the blog gives you the privilege to hear others point of view for the topic you are writing on. Effective blogging is one of the best tactics to keep your current users engage and nurture and attract quality leads.

 Reason #3:

 To pursue their hobby of writing

It is one of the common reasons people blog. Few people love to write, and they like to write about themselves to express their thoughts and ideas. Writing gives them the purpose and satisfaction to appease their desire to create something out of their ideas and thoughts in the form of words. That is the reason blogging started, and blogging exists as not everyone has the patience to complete a book. Many people want to keep an online space for writing because it is a great way to pursue their hobby, and it also helps them to connect to people with similar hobby around the world. Moreover, these people don’t care about a niche, blogging platforms and the traffic or comment their blogs are generating. Their sole passion is writing, and these people are crazy enough to print their thoughts in reality.

 Reason #4:

 To raise awareness and help others

Some people use writing as a weapon for helping others, as well as making people aware of social and political issues. Bloggers can bring tremendous changes in society with their writing. Many blogs are issue-based in which blogger try to sway people’s mind towards the direction; they want to create a change.

Writing blogs is the easiest way to change people’s perspective on viewing things to help them and give them peace of mind. These blogs can be on anything like break-ups, disease, parenting, depression, technology, art, study material, motivation, and social and environmental issues. For instance, these blogs can help a student in getting some study material they are looking for to complete their projects. Also, if someone is trying to upgrade their education skills, then people can use free courses available online. 

So, if you also possess excellent writing skills, then use it for good causes also.

 Reason #5:

 Advertising and Branding

Blogs act as a powerful marketing strategy to build up your brand along with building your image as a specialist in the industry. Blogging is the best way to promote the field of expertise, products, and interest. Also, by blogging, you can showcase your skills in your forte. As a blogger, the more you write about a niche and provide valuable information to the readers, the more recognizable you become. Thus, more people try to reach you to seek your views or advice. Furthermore, blogging is a new and creative way to advertise products and services. Through blogs you can talk about your products, it’s features and the working criteria etc. Additionally, blogs, also help us to know about the efficiency of products and services through reviews received on the comment section.

 Reason #6:

 To make money

One of the popular myths revolve around blogging is that you cannot make money through blogging.

Indeed, it is not the method to get rich quickly, but many bloggers are making a decent income out of this platform. Even a few of them are earning their living by pursuing it as a full-time profession. However, monetizing your blogs takes some time and require complete hard work, dedication and a passion as a writer. Some people believe that blogging is simple, and they can effortlessly earn money by writing a few things and clicking a few buttons. If you are thinking on the same lines then mind it, blogging is not for you. To be a successful blogger, one must possess the knowledge and relevant skills to capture audience attention.

P.S. If you possess outstanding writing skills, fame and money automatically run after you.

So, there you go. These are a few of the reasons people blog; however, the motivation to start blogging can be different for different people.

What is your motivation behind blogging? Do let us know in the comments section.

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