Then your quest ends at Vcana Global, an eminent and distinguished Website Design and Development Company in Mohali. Our innovative and top-of-the-class website designing solutions play a vital role in the growth of businesses globally. The solutions can help your business grow too. 


Our website design and development services are highly sought after by businesses for the following reasons: – 


  1. Modern and customized websites

Our experts design and build visually engaging, functional, and user-friendly websites for businesses. The websites are comprehensively customized per the businesses’ specific needs and vision. Equipped with modern and latest features and functions, the websites meet the taste and expectations of their audience. Moreover, they deliver them an engaging and satisfactory experience. Resultantly, visitors get inspired to spend more time on the website to gain more knowledge about the business and explore its products/services. If they are impressed with the products, they make a purchase.


Our websites help to generate more leads, sales, and revenue for the involved businesses. Additionally, we assist businesses in generating repeat business, earning the loyalty of their customers, and striking long-term relationships with them.


Moreover, the websites help businesses gain an edge over their competitors. We do this by incorporating the latest and trending features and functionality lacking in the competitors’ websites. As a result, businesses can capture a larger segment of customers than their rival businesses.  


  1. Promote brand development

The website built by our specialists for your business will help promote your brand’s development. It, in turn, will award various benefits to you. Some of them are customers being able to recognize your business easily and improved brand loyalty. Moreover, customers will start believing in the credibility and reputation of your business. 


  1. Search engine-optimized websites

For optimizing your website for search engines, you can confidently rely on the expertise of our Web Development Company in Mohali. Our specialists will take care of your website’s SEO’s technical and content aspects. 


Improving the loading speed of your website’s pages and proper sizing of images are some technical factors of SEO. Creating alt text tags, meta titles and descriptions, keyword-rich website content, and blogging are the content-related SEO factors. Our experts are proficient in both technical and content-centric SEO. Hence, you can rest assured that search engines will prefer your website. As a result, it will achieve a higher rank in the search engine result pages and become highly visible to buyers. 


  1. Mobile responsive

Users want a seamless and perfect visual and functional experience on their mobile, laptop, or desktop devices. A responsive website can provide such an experience to users by opening perfectly and quickly on their devices. Our developers will write sophisticated code to make your website responsive to various devices and screens used by your users.  


  1. Expertise in building a wide range of websites

Our designers and developers have great expertise in creating modern and intuitive websites for diverse businesses. The businesses belonging to different industry segments are of different sizes and have varying needs and audiences. eCommerce businesses, financial organizations, and music businesses are just a few among many different businesses served by our website design services.  


  1. Highly scalable websites

We have the capability and competence to design highly scalable websites. Our experts can adapt and scale them up as per the growing needs of businesses without impacting their functioning and customers’ experience.  


  1. Knowledge of the latest programming languages

Our specialists have deep knowledge of the latest programming technologies, languages, tools, frameworks, and platforms. They are adept in building PHP, WordPress, .net, Shopify, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and OpenCart websites.  


  1. Security and Confidentiality

We at Vcana Global know well how important it is to keep your business and customers’ information safe. We take all the necessary measures to keep your key information secure and protected from hackers and other unscrupulous people.


We have a comprehensive mechanism to keep your business and customer information secure and confidential. We undertake various steps for this purpose. These include assessing the security risks in advance and resolving them fast. We also restrict access to your information by awarding different access rights to users. Moreover, we promote using passwords and effective protection methods for collecting, storing, and disseminating customer data.  


  1. Organized approach to website development

Our team follows a structured and step-by-step approach during the entire website design and development process. The steps include gathering business information, planning, designing, developing, and testing.


In the information collection phase, our team meets you (the client) to gather information from you about your business. This information includes your business’s vision, needs, objectives and goals, target audiences, competitors, products, etc. This information is thoroughly understood and documented. It acts as a foundation for your website design.


Web Design Company Mohali


Then comes the planning phase, where our team plans and prioritizes tasks for website creation based on gathered information. This stage consists of tasks like creating a graphical layout of your website, making wireframes, and creating content outlines and responsive storyboards. It also includes drawing flowcharts for the website and creating divisions on the website for displaying your products and services.  


In the designing phase, our web designers perform the necessary tasks to build a visually appealing and well-structured website for meeting your business needs. The phase consists of designing wireframes and elements, mock-ups, your (the client’s) approvals, reviews, and the final website design evaluation. 


Next comes the web development phase. Here our developers write the web development codes for creating a functional and user-friendly website that provides suitable navigation. This stage’s tasks consist of developing a particular platform like Magento or WordPress and choosing an efficient database. It also includes equipping the website with the most recent features and functions and creating user-engaging, keyword-rich and informative website content. 


Testing and delivery is the last phase. Our experts ensure that your website functions as planned before being launched for public consumption. Our testers will test your website on different browsers like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and others. They will also check the website’s responsiveness on various devices. If any inconsistencies are found in the visual and functional aspects of the website, they are resolved fast. Ultimately, you get a unique, perfect, and glitch-free website that provides the best user experience and helps your business grow.   


  1. Maintenance and support

Handing over your website to you does not end services; we go beyond delivery. We provide free 3 months maintenance support to your business. Our technical support team constantly monitors your website to identify any risks and snags in the website. If any are found, it takes the necessary steps to rectify them fast. As a result, your website continues to serve your business and customers uninterruptedly. 


Our comprehensive maintenance services not only involve crisis and risk management, but they also take care of various other things. These include implementing the latest security measures, performing software updates, and analyzing website performance. They also deal with testing website speed and website forms, checking website links, and updating content.  


  1. Earning client satisfaction and trust

Our clients remain the foremost priority for us. That’s why we go out of our way to help our clients in every possible way. It includes giving them the right guidance and advice over their decisions about our website design and development solutions. Furthermore, we effectively communicate with them during their website development project and beyond. Such a client-centric approach enables us to earn our clients’ appreciation, trust, satisfaction, and loyalty. Moreover, they willingly promote our services among other business owners, which in turn helps to generate more business for us. 


  1. Provide value to our client’s business

Our world-class website design and development solutions greatly value our client’s business. It boosts their brand development and generates more traffic, leads, sales, and revenue. Additionally, they can achieve an enhanced return on their investment. 


Now you know why businesses worldwide rely on Vcana Global to fulfill their specific website design and development needs. Our ability to design innovative and effective website solutions that satisfactorily meet their aspirations and needs has enabled us to win their trust and appreciation. Their impeccable faith in our website design prowess has helped us become a leading and frontrunner Web Design Company in Mohali. You, too, can believe us for managing, guiding, and leading your custom website design and development project to success. Call us now at +91-172-5026778. We are excited to have a word with you.